July 5, 2009

Wow he's already 3 weeks old...

I just can't believe it. My baby boy is already 3 weeks old. The craziest part is 4 weeks ago I loved him but now I can't imagine my life without him. He's everything I have wanted and more between his perfect little hands and his perfect little eye lashes.

So after being home a little over two weeks Camden is comfortable at home. He's sleeping well, eating well and just being a plain curious baby. We had our first bath already and let's just say that was interesting. Although he didn't pee on us or in the water, he screamed his little head off the entire time. Of course though as he laid there and screamed I had to keep snapping the camera away. I mean it only happens once right? Of course I left our baby modest and blacked out his goods. I want him to have some dignity.

He calmed down a little after we warmed him up. He looked so cute in his little puppy dog towel.

Cam had his very shopping trip on July 3rd out to of course Babies R US. We picked up of course more diapers, formula, a baby book since we didn't have one and a few pieces of clothing. He pretty much slept the entire trip and he loves car rides now once you get him in his car seat.

So another 4th of July has come and gone. Our little baby had a very long night but slept through 90% of it. He wasn't even waken by the fireworks. He was passed around through out the family like a hot potato but it was nice because it gave both Kevin and I time to eat with out feeling rushed. There was a huge spread of food at Aunt Kel's that was to die for which included every cook out food you could think imaginable. The fireworks were as usual small but all in all it was a great 4th! As you can see in the picture below though it made Cam passed out after such a long day!

We have a ton more pictures up on Snap fish. Feel free to look. Until the next update, everyone take care!

Photos are here at Snapfish



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  1. I read your blog but I havent been on it in forever. I come back and you have a baby and his name is Camden no less. My son's name is Camden. Amazing! The name sadly is becoming so popular :) Good thing its a stinking cute name! Your little Camden sure is a cutie too!!!

    Congrats :) And his room is ADORABLE!